Child Visitation Situation In Hampton

by kia

My husband and I are currently separated. we have been for the last five years. we have 2 children together and through out the separation i can count on 1 hand how many times he has come to see his children. i NEVER denied him visitation just asked if he could come around more before I got comfortable with him taking the children out. I dont know the company he keeps and he's shared some stories with me about some situations he's gotten into with others, whether it be him messing with some guy's girl, or lying to some girl and hurting her and then her brothers are after him, or some female slashing his tires, my husband is being very immature right now and I don't feel he can handle being out with the children until he gets a stronger bond with him. The children don't see him for birthdays Christmas or nothing, and when they do see him, he only comes when he wants sex from me.

When I try to plan time for him to spend with them, he doesn't show up, or when i asked him to help my family out bu taking his own children to daycare, he comes once or twice and then he disappears. i try to get him to drop his kids off so he can spend sometime with them and he can't comply to just keeping a steady constant relationship with them just for 6 months to prove to me that he can handle it he will not do so. now it has been almost a year in august since his children have seen him, and i am thinking about fighting for full custody of my children,i don't want my kids put in a place where he can continue to hurt them with his absence. i am 25 yrs old and I come from a home with a heroin addicted father, so i know what the i will be there or the i will be right back will do to a child. i am still tying to get over that as old as i am imagine what that will do to kids?? so after all that my question is can he have visitation set once a month, or no visitation at all or how would visitation exactly work in my situation??

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by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Kia,

You should go to court and fight for full custody. As it stands now, you are still married and he has equal rights to the children, including visitation. A judge will order the visitation. It will be up to you and an attorney to prove how much or little that visitation will be. Why has there been no divorce filed in the 5 years?


My response
by: Anonymous

A divorce will have to be something he needs to pay for, a process he needs to start, I pay enough money taking care of his kids...... It is definitely something to consider. So when it comes to fighting for full custody what's need to prove him being a deadbeat father?? I have kept a log since he first walked out on me. It contains his visitation just to be able to prove his inconsistancy with seeing his kids. This august will be a year since his children have seen him. What do I do?

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