Child Support With Joint Custody

by bill

I live in Illinois. My wife wants to have joint custody but the kids will remain with me for the majority of the time. She seems to think that since we will have joint custody that she will not have to pay any support along with the idea that" she can't afford it" I say its based on her income. She makes considerably less than i do. Nevertheless she has a full time job and just assumes since I make enough money that she will not be required to pay any support Will she be responsible to pay support Also she feels that she should be under no obligation to pay for any medical or dental that is not covered by insurance.

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Child support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Dear Bill,

That will all depend on what the court order states. If you go back to court for joint custody then you can explain all of this to a judge. She still may be required to pay support. Does she currently pay child support?


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