Child Support Waterville Ohio

by Colleen
(Waterville ,Ohio USA)

My situation.I was a stay at home mom for 20 years.pastors wife ,husband also worked for union cement masons.He did decorative concrete on the side and has had his own business.He abandoned family.went thru a divorce.My husband was doing cement work he said he was sleeping with his attorney to pay for her and he was working at her house while saying he wasn't working and couldn't pay child support.He was being paid union scale on his jobs for 7 months prior to .

Judge basically said "why fight for anything for this woman she's never going to see it.What was filed by my husband attorney in record was not what I agreed to.when I received a copy after filed in my mail box I read I was shocked and deep pain.At time I would of had to prove decree was fraud.. All marital debt was on me,which I paid .I had 5 children at home then .I wasn't an employed youngest was 2yrs. .I worked whatever I could,I was left with out a penny in the bank.I planted bulbs,painted fences garages,cleaned homes babysat and started in school.

I refused to go bankrupt child support was reduced to 39 .00 and then all back child support was wiped out,spousal support which was 350 dropped to 200 ,a pension was supposed to be split but there ended up not being a pension because he didn't work for six months and lost the vested.and sooooo much more.the divorce decree states this is fair and equitable for the children and that is a lie.I've been trying to go to school to get a decree so I can support my family.My health isn't very good because of sleep deprivation and exhaustion brought on by the burden the court allow to be placed on me.

I have 70+ credit hours in w 3.50 GPA I work part time to fit everyone's schedules.I'm in pain most of the time I need therapy and operation but can't because of position I'm in with court not holding father responsible.I provide financially 75% of their financial care and 99.9% of physical and emotional care.Their father sees them 2 days a year and I even arrange that because it's never convenient for him.He claims the children because the court says he makes more than me.He gets the stimulus from children as well. He gives not one penny of that money to the children.I do what ever I can for chilren.

I have kids in sports ,braces extra medical, school events clothes etc..They don't even get Christmas and birthday from their dad..When they do see their dad he acts as if he's been there.I'm forgiving and kind to him and that makes it easy for him to still take advantage.During court he said he was sleeping with his attorney.He lied about his concrete work. Even though I had people who he did work for there.

My health is fragile .I'm trying to finish school and get my health back.I'm 50yrs. my youngest is 10 great athlete.It's hard to keep this up .My children have a right to a healthy mom who will be around.The Court needs to make a fair judgment for the benefit of my children.I want tax benefit for the children.The whole town is sickened by this.There needs to be a sense of justice for this family .How can my children and others trust a system that has failed so extremely.It is so wrong that it is traumatizing when I look back.

Please help advise me I 'm all my children have and I know God has gotten me this far but I need to make this right for my children.Their dad will only respond to what he is legally held accountable for; he has no moral code or father heart.The court let the family down and robbed my children of their basic needs and robbed them of the only parent they have.I have been providing til the point of clasping I need help .It's not just that this man profits off the children.This man plays hockey and the field but can't give a penny to his children for sports etc.I was left with a fixer upper.No furnace for the first winter .

I hunted down wood and heated house with woodburner .I kept the fire going 24 /7.Roof leaked ceiling caved in etc.My chidren are good kids .But they are angry at the court for the injustice .Please help so I can make this right .If the court still doesn't care then I want to rip the decree and have my named removed from a legal decree that is not fair and equitable towards my children.I'm fine if court doesn't care just don't lie and say you do.I'm forgiving to their dad he doesn't understand what a dad is and he feels justified because the court hasn't held him accountable to provide for his family so he profits while they sacrifice.

It's so wrong and it's killing me because I won't let my kids do without. Any advice will be welcomed.This took place in Lucas county Judge Zemmelman; my husband attorney was Mary James.thank you for any consideration .Lord bless you. colleen belt.

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Dear Colleen,

Wow Colleen, you indeed have a story. Thank you so much for sharing. We believe that your honesty will help many others reading this. It sounds like you need an attorney and take him back to court. There needs to be additional orders and enforced pertaining to child support and alimony. You can be forgiving, but right is right. Have you contacted a legal aid association in your county? These are lawyers who work pro bono for a cause.


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