Child Support System Failure

by JAD

My ex-spouse is $15,000 in arrears from the past 9 years. He has never voluntarily paid one penny of child support. It was a blessing when he was on unemployment because the money arrived like clockwork! Against the advice of my attorney I divorced in Florida instead of NY so his support would end at 18 vice 21. At the divorce the judge offered me three amounts of child support Low/Medium/High, and I took Low. He has been picked up three times in Florida (Duval) and once paid an extremely reduced purge and the other two times not a penny. He spent a few days in jail and then leaves after a hard luck story and a promise to pay. In the meantime, I don't get a dime. He requested a child support audit since Florida hadn't adjusted their records to reflect payments made through NYS. I agree with him on that and provided him my copies of the records so he would have proof.

The judge orders the audit which is done without NYS information and it comes back $8000 short of what he owes. I am infuriated by the incompetency. He has the nerve to call our daughter who's now 25 yrs old and laugh and brag about "how pissed off your mother must be". He went on to brag about leaving town soon with his girlfriend and "new baby" to start a new life without the debt. It’s sickening. In order to support our daughters I maxed credit cards, worked two jobs and was the only breadwinner while he was out drinking and smoking pot. But the courts feel sorry for him I do not. MAN UP. Feel sorry for my daughters who didn't have enough parental supervision while I was off working 60-70 hours a week. I feel nothing for him. He's a loser. The courts are full of bleeding hearts who feel sorry for him but aren't willing to pay his are they? I am sick of this but it will not be over until the day he dies. I will never let him have a moment’s peace until he pays his debt.

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Sorry For All Your Troubles
by: Anonymous

Hello JAD,

We are very sorry for your child support frustrations throughout the years. You can always feel free to vent here at Child Support America. Also please remember that you don't ever have to stop your pursuit in trying to collect what is owed to you and your daughter.

Thanks for your post and contact us anytime.


built in failure system for both sides
by: martin

child support is a good thing its the way its handled. i have paid in $90.000.00 in, and im in arrears and i have no problem saying i am, i want to pay my child support and when i work i pay. on the other side child support is a built in failure system, for both sides. and the dad beat dad is also a built in failure system, why should people who try to pay have to go to jail and loose their jobs, my ex filed a false report and told the state i had never paid in any ordered support and i have. she got away with it. i got laid off from work for 4 months and i got a job now and im starting to pay again, should i go to jail, then nobody gets nothing. at east i have tried,and i proff

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