Child Support System A Joke

I have an ex husband who fled the state to avoid being served divorce papers. While trying to serve him, he put my life in jeopardy by forcing me into his vehicle and taking my phone from me so I could call anyone and drove me around the beltway to make sure no one was following us. Thank goodness later, he left me off by the side of the highway and sped off. His last words to me was he would never pay a penny for child support and catch me if you can. He says he was not served therefore child support is non existent.

I was granted a divorce through default and on the day of the final divorce being signed off, he called my cellphone at court and asked if court had been fun and I put my attorney on and he stated to her, catch me if you can. You will never find me. In the meantime, after 2 mos of living out of my car, he called and laughed at me and asked if the boys and I were homeless yet. He has been physically and mentally abusive during our 11 yrs marriage and heavy into drugs. It was only when he threw my boys against the wall when they tried to protect me that I decided to leave.

He has done everything possible to avoid detection by the OAG of Texas and has committed ID with his brother's info. His brother had to spend thousands of dollars to clear up his name. He has stolen from family members and everyone is afraid of him including me. I think everyday that he will come out and take out his threat by shooting me in front of my two boys.

He has spent so much time and energy to avoid paying support that his parents have suffered several heart attacks and several diabetic attacks. Everyone in the family has even changed their phone numbers because everyone is scared of him. Can you all suggest how I can find him but without jeopardizing our lives?

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

We are sorry to hear about this situation. Thank Goodness that you are no longer been abused and victimized in that relationship. Your children also did not need to be subjected to that behavior. You may want to contact the ADA's office to see if a potential CPO could be enforced for you and the kids. The only attempt at tracking him down would be to hire a private investigator which would cost you quite a bit of money. Are you trying to find him for child support reasons. When you were granted the divorce was a child support ordered?


Your Story is BS just trying to re-enforce the Deadbeat Dad Label
by: Anonymous

Let me guess you were hired by the Elite leftist groups to propagate total BS to try to gain public sympathy of current sexist, anti-father, anti-male laws. Don't forget stuff like VAWA and how it propagates sexism in favor of feminists and anti-male. i hear you all we are as Males are Fathers is "Wallets with legs", you wanna ressurect the Amazon Civilization huh? Well, I'll gladly step forward as you get to and recieve my Rights as a Father what I am entitled to in this fascist "Entitle-ist" society. We the angry at sexist laws against fathers Fathers don't care if the Rockafellas fund your special interests, its time your house of cards (mythology) falls apart. Again, don't need to see your BS, there are many FOR REAL FATHERS that are being forced out of their Children's Lives on the basis of Fabricated Lies. What should happen to a Liar, who Lies just to gain a Feminist Government's Sympathy? I think they should go to Jail and lose all access to their Children, then maybe when the liar's sorry ass gets out of jail they can go teach the other Court Liars who are represented by Liars that they need clear and proven evidence. Maybe Family Law can be more Ethical and Honest. We demand our Rights too! Enough of these bull-sh!t stereotypes. The hell with liars.

by: Anonymous

I've been divorced almost nine years, after being married 15 years to an emotionally & verbally abusive man. He finally had an affair with my "best friend", so I packed up my kids & left. While not suffering any physical abuse, I went through months of verbal & written abuse, in phone calls & letters written to me. Finally our divorce was final, with me having sole custody of our three girls & a measly $234 (approximately) in child support ordered. I recieved 5 checks about three months after I left, as he was on unemployment, but then his claim was denied & the checks stopped. About three years later I recieved two checks, about a month apart. Here we are, 9 1/2 years later & received a notice that I finally got a check! It was for $250, which the government taxed $17 dollars, so I really only received $234. I thought that it was because he'd finally gotten onto disabtility, but I found out today, that SSDI CANNOT BE GARNISHED. SO, this man owes me & my children over $26,000 which we will NEVER see. However, he called his kids up, very excited, as he bought himself a motorcycle. Tell me, where is the justice in that?

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