Child Support Situation Is Getting Worse

by KH "VIP Member".....................

I only write now because our situation has really turned more down hill so I really need help. You are probably aware as I am now that the state of Al. in which I married and raised two children will not recognize outside child support agencies or so I have been told when I wrote to another such entity.

I really hope this is not the case because no one here helps with answers nor even seem to know which court I should be asking. I did not go through our local Department of Children and family services but hired an attorney after I sold my home and was getting married. By this time, I was not receiving the meager $422 set up in our divorce agreement and took my ex husband to court to amend the child support because our situation and that above amount was based on his income at the time and mine.

He came home from working as a contractor overseas making 100k or more a year to a job out of Louisiana on a boat making only 22k a year so it was low and I wanted it to be recalculated as me being disabled and him making so much tax free money. He was engaged at the time and did not show up because he was making 11,000 a month as a contractor at that time and tried to send his current fiance to take his place.

The court did not accept this because he is not military nor is he bound by orders to be away so he was found in contempt. As far as the arrears went, there were never found to be the original support order as his attorney never filed one so this court I paid for was to establish only the initial order. They still had never found out his earnings????

He had evaded for 2 years and now he pays us with his salary of workmens compensation based on his last pay which is 5k a month. Way more than my husband and I make now and we struggle to eat and keep our heads above water. I know that my ex has done something either with his social security number or hiding who he is.

I would have had rights to this Compensation based on law for child support back pay and it would have been garnished. This is the only thing that I know. He was hurt while working in Afghanistan for a subsidiary of the company Black Water. Then the insurance company that is handling his comp case is AGI out of California or even Las Vegas. That I do not know.

I only know these things and that he is still on benefits from hurting his knee over 2 years ago. He leaves the state and comes back but I am never privy to what he is doing. Since our divorce in 2oo6, he left Alabama and never returned until 2011.

He gives us money that is not going through any court and I live in another county now than the one we were actually married and divorced in and the hearing I paid for was done so now I am told to open a file here in St. Clair County, not Shelby County but no one seems to know any real answers.

No offense, I do not expect anything to come of this, not because I do not think you are excellent at what you do but because my ex is very goood at evading and I do not think I will ever see my money. Oh, and the judge also gave the order that the ex shoud also be responsible for all of the court and my attorney costs at the time of that one and only court date in 2009. Let me know what you need for this but I do have receipts where I became a VIP member,etc.
Thanks and good luck with this one

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Child Support "VIP" Member.........
by: CSA Team Member

Hello KH,

We have received your post, but we are behind in our emails. Please be assured that we will respond to your post this coming week.

Thank you for your patience and for being a valued VIP member. Your response will come via this thread.



V.I.P. Answer
by: CSA Staff

Hello KH,

Thanks for sharing your circumstance with us. We appreciate your willingness to be so open and honest.

It is very frustrating and difficult when you deal with an ex who is on Disability payments. (In certain states, they will not garnish certain VA and definitely not any SSD payments.)

With this being said, You should file a case in the county where you currently reside.

"so now I am told to open a file here in St. Clair County, not Shelby County"

It does get frustrating when you have to pay to take him back to court. You may want to try and call the family courts and request information about filing yourself. It may cost only court costs..hence eliminating the expenses of an attorney, its another option for you.

Your case seems difficult, but please stay encouraged!! Sometimes it is a matter of getting before the right judge or magistrate for something to finally be done!! We wish you well and please keep us updated.


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