Child Support Situation In Ohio

Here is the situation: Divorce was granted to mother of 4 under-aged children in June of 2009. Ex-husband always worked to keep up the family. Ex-wife stayed home and help raised a total of 7 children. Ex-wife was granted child support for approx 1,000 dollars monthly per the courts. During that same month, ex-husband was incarcerated for burglary, drugs, and multiple unpaid traffic fines.

After 6 months in jail, he was placed in a drug rehab center and his release is pending on April 30, 2010. He stated in court during the divorce trial that he was not going to pay that *&%#*(ex-wife) no child support.

This woman has been living on hand-outs to raise her children. The welfare office has not been much help. Ex-wife was told that she will have to pay ex-husband back taxes out of her income tax check. My questions is what is she suppose to do? She has worked some odd jobs through the agencies, and companies going out of business with very little success. She can not afford a lawyer.

I also feel that she and her family maybe in jeopardy of his criminal acts. Rumor has it that he is also a "narc" for the police dept in a certain county in Ohio. I am concern of her safety.

What can she do in order to guarantee or make sure that he help in raising those children.

Than You.

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What She Can Do
by: Child Support America Team Member

Thanks for your concern on behalf of someone you know. If the ex husband avoids paying child support upon his release he will be in contempt of court. It would be up to the ex wife to press this issue legally in court.

Also, if she can't afford an attorney, it would be a good idea for her to become a VIP Member of this site. We provide a low cost legal plan for individuals with low income. Click on the VIP membership button on your left for details.

Our question for you is: Who told the ex wife that she would have to pay him back taxes, and what's his relationship with the kids.


Return Questions on the child support situation in Ohio
by: Anonymous

Concerning the child support situation in Ohio: According in what I am aware of, there is a love-hate relationship among their children torge their father. They have 3 grown sons, 21, 20 and 19. their daughters 15, 12, 8 and 6yrs old. The ex-husband/mother-in-law are playing the sympathy card."Poor pitiful me...Im in jail". Mother-in-law has been very vengful torge the ex-wife. Mother-in-law has gone as far as showing favortism among the children. Not to be discrimative, but she call herself a christian?
Also the ex-wife was told by the IRS that she would have to pay his back taxes (during the marriage) out of her income tax refund which the IRS is holding up the refund because he not working at this time. What can/should she do?

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