Child Support Services Is Not Collecting So What Can I Do?

by Robin "VIP MEMBER".............................
(Shelby County, TN, USA)

I currently reside in TN. My child support order is in MS. When I filed for help from child support services I provided all necessary info to the case worker. I supplied, pictures, SSN, address of the NCP and his close family, vehicle info, and place of employment.

The NCP *does* have a relationship with the child so his info has never been hidden. The state of TN had to ask the state of MS to locate, serve, and enforce the existing order and I do believe the state of TN has done their part in requesting help.

However, the state of MS appears not to be able to act on the information of a person who is actually working for the county in which he lives.

I have sent mailings to the directer of child support services in MS, CC'd it to to all case workers involved in both MS and TN and I call once a week to get updates as I have always believed that "the squeeky wheel gets the grease."

This situation is going on 8 years and I don't understand how they could possibly be failing to find this man when I call him on his cell and home phone and have even gotten him to sign for certified mail at his listed address.

Is there ANYONE else I can contact? What is the chain of command here? If the NCP is not hiding, and openly admits to owing over $10,000 in support, why is there a disconnect?

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by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Robin, and thank you for being a valued VIP member. Before we can share what we recommended we have a question.

Is the NCP paying paying his current child support amount, and you are simply going after the back arrears? Or has he never paid child support, and you are trying to collect the current plus past amount.


by: Anonymous

The NCP stopped payng child support 8 years ago, which is why I brought the case to child support services. So he does not pay currently, and owes me over $10,000 in arrears.

Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member


This is a very disturbing matter on the end of the CSEA. Especially if this has been an ongoing matter for the past eight years.

At this point and even before this point your situation is a legal matter that requires the attention of an attorney.

"This is especially true if the state of MS appears not to be able to act on the information of a person who is actually working for the county in which he lives".

We recommend that you advise the NCP that you are considering hiring an attorney if he refuses to pay his child support.

It's unfortunate that you would have to resort to these measures, but this situation is way out of control.

If you can't afford or are not willing to pay an attorney, you could try legal aid in your community. You can also write your local and state congressman and other politicians regarding the matter.

It's a long shot, but sometimes it can really stir things up. Also, see if you can legally do this for the state of MS.

Well, we hope this helps, and we hope you get this matter resolved.


Same situation
by: Anonymous

I totally understand your frustraion! I am in TN and the NCP is in MS. I have been fighting this for 9 years. I finally got some action in the last 2 years, but he will pay for a while and then stop. I cannot deal with the MS Child Support system. They have been rude, even down right ugly! They, as well as, my current case worker in TN, act as though I am the criminal. I just want what is right.

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