Child Support Review Hearing

My ex has always paid child support on our son, which has been $430 per month since our divorce but there has never been a review since our divorce approximately 6 yrs ago. When he left, I was left with all the bills and mortgage, because at the time I had the better credit so most was in my name. We also went thru a Bankrupcy chapter 7 and a repossession, all of which were on my name and credit, so needless to say that I have had a rough time trying to get any kind of credit for anything while he moved on with his life.

He is now remarried and has 2 kids from this new marriage living with him and he gets our son every other weekend. He may have his own expenses, but nothing like I am having by just trying to climb my way out of the hole he left me in.I do work fulltime and have a decent job, which i have to commute to every day while still paying for my vehicle and any repairs and insurance, etc.

I even went back to college to try and better myself so that I may be able to get more money, but it is still not easy being the single parent. His company pays for all of his necessary transportation and phone We were living in a double-wide trailer and when he left, I was left with all the destruction of the inside of the double-wide caused by pets and himself. I tried to make the living conditions better, but I just didn't have the money and I am still trying to keep up the payments on it so they wont foreclose on it and ruin my credit even more, but my son and I are living with my parents, having to share a bedroom and pay them some money for our stay.

I have never received anything about a child support review since we have been divorced. He is about to get a better paying job, which is why i am trying to get information as to what I need to do. My son is getting older and our expenses are increasing each year. I just need some kind of idea of what my options are. Is there any way that I can find out how much he is making?

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Review Hearing
by: Child Support America Team Member

Unfortunately there is no way you can find out how much money your ex is making. That is illegal and a breach of privacy. However, you can file for a Child Support modification. You can either contact your caseworker or your local Child Support office and request the forms. Every state is different but since it has been 6 years you qualify for a review. Has your ex ever been late on making his payments?


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