Child Support Review Akron Ohio Summit County

by Demetrius
(Akron, Ohio Summit County)

Greetings: We have a unique (I think) situation.

Child 1: Since 2005, in the child support system for 5 years w/out a review and listed as the only child.

Since then 2 children were born (07/2006 and 11/2008).

Child 2: After many years of working the payment out with the other parent, father now wants to establish child support through the courts to minimize contact with the mother. Many issues have occurred making the current payment structure not beneficial. (06/1994) This child support order will include all of the children (3).

Would it be beneficial at this time to ask for a review of Child 1, as well as a new order for Child 2 which would include the children within the household?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


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Child Support Questions V.I.P. Member
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Demetrius,

Thank you for sharing your child support situation and we are here to help answer your questions. There is a yes and no answer to your first question. You must ask yourself for child 1 "Are you comfortable with the amount you are currently paying?" Because here is what potentially may happen. Even though you have 2 more deductions that will be calculated into your support payment, the amount could still be potentially raised after the modification for child 1. Here is how: It has been five years and your circumstance may have changed. Are you working a new job? Are you making a substantial amount of money now? etc. Now if your financial circumstances have not changed drastically and you have 2 more children then YES you should definitely request a review. Be sure to include the 2 new children because they will serve as deductions.

As for child 2: Yes you should open a case! You should do this to protect yourself. If you are paying the mother here and there, there is no record of these payments through the system. The mother of the child could open a case, at anytime and take you for back support. Even if you could produce records or receipts of what you paid to her in the past it will not count! The court will consider it as a gift. When opening this new case, be sure to include all 3 of your children on the paperwork! Keep in mind that this new case will have nothing to do with your case involving child 1. You also stated that there are problems with the mother of child 2. When you go to court to establish child support, you should consider filing for court ordered visitation as well. This will ensure that you get the visitation time you deserve without any of the games. With a court order set in place for visitation, if the mother ever denied you your time she would be in contempt of court. It is worth it in the end. You have rights and you should exercise them.

Are there any other questions we can help you with? Since you are a V.I.P. Member, please respond back to this post to let us know you received this response.

CSA Staff

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