Child Support Reduction

by James
(Forney, TX USA)

I have been divorced for 4 years. I admit that the divorce was my doing and when we split I basically let her have everything, she got the house, the money that was sold from it, all the belongings save a tv and few small items, she got full custody and the standard child support and visitation for me.

On my end I am basically self employed..making very little money whereas she got a job (later after the divorce) making twice as much as me. Now she is getting remarried to someone with good incoming, moving the kids away a bit and putting them in private school.

I already struggle with my income and bills and we live in a small apartment already...she also gets to claim them on taxes and when I ask her to share or help out on this she refused.

Aside from trying to obtain joint there a possibility that my child support could be reduced? She has always brand new clothes for her job, she just got a new car..she has lived with her parents all these years with no bills...seems so unfair.

Can anything be done?

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