Child Support Records Say I'm Behind

by john
(lake city florida)

I have been ordered to pay $77.61 a week for support i have no contact from the mother and have never had contact i have made attempts to contact her but don't know where she lives and cse wont help me contact her and today i get a letter stating i am 2800 dollars behind in support and they want to suspend my license but the last payment i made was in Dec which is only about 3 months ago and at $77.61 a week.

That does not equal 2800 dollars plus when i got a notice i was 2700 behind i called and they told me it was 2000 behind now before i fell on hard times i was paying all the time never late and they still sent me notices saying i was behind when the money was coming out of my there a way i can have them halt the suspension and fix the records so that my license doesn't get suspended for being behind when i am not?

Also since the mother basically refuses to have me in the child's life can she file abandonment charges on me when i have never ever seen the child in the first place?

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