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Back Child Support Payments Dropped

Q. I have a friend that has been incarcerated for the past two year and have not been able to pay child support. Now that it is time for him to get out, domestic is trying to keep him in for back time child support while he has been in jail.

He had an order to suspend payments until he get out of jail, but the Child Support agent is being ignorant about the situation and stated that if he didn't come up with xx amount of dollars he has go to county jail for xx amount of time.

Is the agent allowed to do that or is the order supposed to be honored? Trying to help a friend. He was paying support faithfully and didn't owe any money before he went to jail. The back time payments came about while he is incarcerated. What can we do to help him?

Read Before You Judge Please

Q. I pay over $600 a month for one child. I also provide his health care. My problem is, he is 15 years old. He no longer needs daycare and babysitters. I have an autistic son who is ten and my wife has Cystic Fibrosis. My son in Ohio enjoys dirt bikes (motorcycles), and lots of cool things that I can't begin to afford for my autistic son that lives with me.

Why does any 15 year old need $600 a month? BTW, his mother has a very nice truck and a beautiful Harley. And yes she is married. How do I lower this? Medina County told me that they NEVER lower support. My disabled son gets none of the things he deserves because I lose so much of my pay.

Can Child Support Be Stopped During Summer Months?

Q. My ex-husband and i have shared parenting and he has them during the summer and i have them ion the weekends. Which is opposite of how it is during the school year. This is the first year he will have them and have to pay child support.

However I just got a letter in the mail stating he wants a modification of child support so that when he has the kids the child support does not have to be paid. Is this even possible? I have them tour forty weeks. Out of the year. He only pays seventy dollars a week for two kids.

Can I Get Money For My Daughter?

Q. I live in Houston Texas and I have being married to my husband for 7 years. I have a 4 year daughter and I just find out that she is not my husband daughter.

I called the other man to ask him for help and dose not want to help me with her. So if I take him to court for child support would I get payed child support for her. Even thou my husband signed the birth certificate. And would I get payed back child support? Dose anybody know what would happen if we go to court.

Will visitation be a part of the child support hearing?

Q. I am scheduled for a child support hearing in April. I am glad this is happening because I have never met my 17 year old daughter. I am hoping that I will get a chance to meet her and be an influence in her life finally. Her mother had kept her away from me and now that she turned 17, the mom is re-opening a case that had been closed since 1996.

I have been trying to contact my daughter but cant because the OCSS wont give me any information as to her where abouts. I know that the judge will see my gross income but I am married and raising 2 boys. Will the judge take this information into consideration when determining how much money I will pay each month? Thank you for any information.

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