Child Support Process

by Ldls
(Corpus Christi Texas)

Okay I have a child with an ex, who I have paid c/s for in the past, but of course when i am unemployed, child support goes unpaid and i fall behind. I am married, with 3 children. We have had our income tax taken away due to support obligations.

The child involve does not know of me at all. I do not have any transportation, to make visitations. My family right now is really trying to make ends meet, when i am working and paying child support I maybe would bring in less than $400 a month.

We just moved out this past year, we were living with my in laws for almost five yrs, we do not own a car or have one at all, we live in a 2bedroom apt.(The mother of the child is well off, owns a home and plenty of vehicles with her husband, is in "no need" of support.

We've had a mediation, where her income was more than mine! when i contacted my ex to ask how our son was doing, i only did so, because i was finally making payments, and knew i had rights. She went crazy tellin me how dare i ask about him now, and that he doesn't know i exsist, and he has his father. I told her i know i have missed alot in his life, but wanted to be in his life. She told me to just stay away.

After telling her i wouldn't contact her anymore. a yr later she messages me, saying school was around the corner, and i could buy HER SON something he needed for school. I sent a message back saying i would and what could i buy him. She never sent me a message back.

Then i sent a message asking if we could make arrangements to meet so i could get to know our son, she said it wasn't gonna be EASY. She told me why do i want to be his father now? That he doesn't need me. I told her well was i paying c/s then?

She said she was going to do EVERYTHING SHE COULD to keep me out of his life, cause she didn't want to confuse him. Which i did come to realize, why confuse him? If hes happy thinking her husband is his dad. but when i mentioned that to her(giving her my rights) she reacted with, ya right your not getting off that easy.

I really can't communicate with her @ all.i told her "you just want my rights and my money", she told me, "i dont want anything from ur broke a**, you said it yourself u cant afford it!" then a yr later. she messaged me saying "how can i belittle HER SON?" in comparision to my other children.

Saying "oh well its something that im going to have to deal with the rest of my life?!?!" saying she was just sending that message to rub it in my face in-case i forgot about HER SON! well i called her to stop sending me messages, because it was causing arguments with me and my wife.

Cause im trying to do the right thing and be his dad, but shes making this COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE,she told me she doesn't need or want my money, then really why am i paying? or should i say, why am i putting my family in debt? owing this much and falling behind and never having an income with a special needs child is stressing out my marriage.

She even sent my wife a message saying she would take me off c/s if i would just sign my rights away, cause it would be the best for the child. How Can i start this process? is it even an option? Because I'm not willing to lose my marriage and family. What is the best option here??

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