Child Support Problems And Visitation Issues

by Jeremy

I pay child support every 2 weeks and i have 2 jobs just trying to make ends meet! they get $240 dollars from each job! and I'm only working part time! and i only get sometimes 20 - 100 dollars to pay my bills and everything! how can i get help to find out why there taken so much!! i call and call they wont call me back i don't know what to do! we aren't even together and i don't even get to see my daughter! i called her once and she told me my daughter knows nothing about me and never will! and the take my income taxes every year but my back balance doesn't even go down! where that money go? how am i suppose to live!!! please help

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What you can do
by: Child Support America Team Member

Dear Jeremy,

Thank you for your question. It sounds to me like you should consider contacting an attorney. There are Legal Aid services in your area. You may also want to consider contacting your caseworker and if you do not see any results from that then contact their supervisor. Keep going up the chain until you get some answers Jeremy. You need to request a modification of your child support amount. Also YOU have rights and are entitled to see your child. An attorney can not only get you a modification and find out where your back support is going, but can also get you court ordered visitation rights with your child. You can also check out our VIP memberships page to your left for legal help. Have you contacted an attorney about your situation?


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