Child Support Payers Rights When Overpaid


First of all for all you child support payers you deserve to have rights just like the person receiving child support. Oklahoma is one of the states unfortunately that has not enforced those rights for the ones that do overpay child support. I completely understand the laws in place to protect those that need to receive child support, however our system has failed us on the rights for the child support people whom do overpay. It is like overpaying your electric bill and calling them and they tell you, we realize you overpaid however you need to keep paying or we will turn your lights off. Well instead of crediting you which would be the right thing to do instead they tell you they will do what they want and think about crediting you.It is crazy and besides all the mental, emotional, and financial toll it takes on you and your family and kids. More importantly it is the principal of it all, we are enabling the one that does receive child support to take advantage of the one who not only pays child support but the one that overpays.

We should be commending these folks for going above and beyond to fulfill their obligation, not punish them they are not deadbeat parents but our system treats them like it. I do not wish this situation upon anyone it only hurts our children whom we are suppose to protect and send them and everyone else the wrong message. That is anyone receiving child support can manipulate and take advantage of the child support payers legally because our system allows it, and allowing it only hurts all families. Please join me in passing a bill The Wood Bill to ensure rights for child support payers that pay.Everyone should have rights not just the one that receives the child support.Together we can make a big impact and keep others from enduring this horrible situation. Often to many times we hear about cases that fall through the cracks but not this one I will propose my bill to Washington and make a difference for our state.

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Kacey,

Thank you for sharing. We are posting this so that all can learn and read!


Child Support Fraud of Over Payment
by: Perry

I would like to comment regarding this issue of overpayment and this is not to avoid in paying child support but to make it equitable for both parent to contribute to our children living welfare and upbringing. I am especially perturb for what this "dead beat dads" label been place on all of us fathers because of a few women who think they have more rights than men when it come to children rearing ?bull hass?, and which government let them get away with. I?m being very modest with my voicing this subject of women be very unfair in this issue of child custody and support for of acquiring it and than being unfair in the process.

I?m even more upset with the system whether state or federal level.
My situation overpayment and dealing with both the state child enforcement agency and the courts. Judges, attorneys, and ex- spouse have been very instrumental in coercing a scam, corruption, collusion, and conspiracy of this issue to benefit the states for revenue through interest that are collected when the state collect child support for their good.

If the bickering between the couples continues it?s to the advantage of the state when this happens. I?ve been to all levels of Hawaii State Government Legislators, Head of Child Support Head, State Auditor?s office and no one wants to be told of the overpayment. I have to hire a lawyer which is ludicrous to recover what is faithfully mine which the other people on the other hand think we?ll give up and if not give up because somewhere hidden in this agenda there is a statue of limitations which in reality when fraud an individual is involve there is no limitations.

Due to the process we also run out of avenues to pursue the issue at hand so along with what you?re doing I?m standing with you even at the spare of my life I want this ended. There?s more to this tragedy of my case due to the privacy act which keep father privilege to our children even when enforcing children custody and information from father who want to be the providers and yet we?re subject to all the nonsense that keeps us father from our children?s life. I would like to keep in touch with the progress of this issue and lots of blessing in achieving the success.

by: Anonymous

I wish there were laws out there somewhere making the ex-wife accountable for the money given through child support. My husband pays a four figure support each money and there is absolutely no accountability. He is faithful in paying. I have contemplated trying to research on how to try to get a bill passed regarding this issue.

the child support system has failed to the honest
by: Anonymous

This is a kentucky issue i thought i was the only one getting robbed i have a 16 year old son ive been paying on for 12 years while the mother is unemployed all the time moves and gets evicted every few months smokes dope in the state of ky the father is nothing the system tells you nothing i pay support every single week for 12 years never missed a payment .and they still give her 4 to 5 thousand dollars a year of my federal tax return i get nothing since 2001 but if i keep taking off work to solve this problem i lose my job and go to jail for non payment.i dont even know were my son lives the mother has moved so much i cant keep up and work at the same time i losing my mind
I dont know my sons well being or nothing .ive never been in trouble im not a crimanel i work hard every day pay my dues but as some of you said they look at us as deadbeats does anybody have any opinions on my case thanks.

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