Child Support Owed To State

by Mary and damien

We have a 14 year old together and were separated most of her life. The dad ( my now husband) owed 52,000 back support. But when we got married Dec 9 they (forgave) the back support. So now we owe the state 1,700. They took our taxes ( 5,879) and they are taking $130 a week from his paycheck. Well when I do the math We are seriously overpaying. Our taxes should have come back by March 8. They said they cant count them until 180 days. And so according to them we still owe the 1,700. So they are leaving us with $119 on my husbands paycheck.

Ive been sick with female issues. I tried to get medicaid but they are counting my husbands groose income of $345 a week not what he is bringing home which is $119 a week. So they said we make more money than medicaid allows which is $544 for a month for a family of 3. Since I cant work we are living off of $119 a week.

As you can guess we arent doing well and our bills arent paid. My rent is $625. My daughter gets $325 in SSI and we get $200 in food stamps but we still cant live off of $119 a week. Can someone help us. I need to know what I can do to get his paycheck back. They said when they get it all together at child support they will pay us back for overpayment but we cant wait 180 days. We are going to be homeless.

We now live in NC but our case is in VA. The minor child age 14 is living with us and we are married as of Dec 9. I dont mind paying the state what we owe but we are due an over payment of at least $4000. And when they get done its gonna be a whole lot more than that. We need immediately help. My husbands job also is charging a garnishment fee. Its hard enough to live off of $345 -taxes as it is for a family of 3 but when they make us live off $119 its impossible. Please advise.

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