Child support owed to ohio?

by Steve Cook
(Ohio via Texas)

I currently live in Texas . I have 2 orders in Ohio . Due to ignorance Im behind on both orders. I hav4e tried to contact many times. They are not taking into consideration I have a family with 2 other children im supporting ,That i have two cases or anything. They are treating me as im single and each case separate.

I have children on one order I received emancipation letters on saying they were removed from my case then received a paper for with holding to my employer and they are still on it . On is 20 with a child of her own. With both cases they are asking my employer for more than i make. Not sure what to do at his point.. I started trying to do right by the support just to be able to see my children .

Living out of state and all my income going to Ohio not sure if ill ever be able to. What can I do?

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