Child Support Over Payment

by greg goff

I have over paid child support and how do I get my money back?I have the paperwork to prove that I over paid but no one at the child support office wants to listen to me.I have tried to get about a dozen lawyers to take this case but none of them want to buck the system.I even offered to let the lawyer have half of it if they got it back.

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Overpayment of support
by: Anonymous

My husband was over 8,000 overpaid when met over 4 years ago. He has just since we have been married paid a lawyer 3 times, to try and have it stopped. All 3 times worked untill he gets a new job, do he just got laid off and went from a 41 dollar mess up(that the lawyer said when she to out of highschool will be paid back) to 400.00 to be taken out of his unemployment.

This makes no sense to me. My ex ran away to the philippines and the court won't touch him, but I an supposed to go to all the non compliance hearings, and possibly lose my job,(I cannot take off work since I am the only dental assistant in my office), plus I know he won't show up they know it to, they have his address, but expect me to go!!! And my husband keeps paying when he is overpaid! Messed up system, haven't got a bit of help for either one of us.

Now I guess I will file bankruptsy, since I am being sued for my daughters medical bills, even though my ex is responsible for 74%!! There isn't a darn thing I can do, and my husband is getting his unemployment taken for something he doesn't even owe!!! She owes him!!!! This is in Michigan,which is just really messed up and the courts are not helpful, except to themselves.seriously, I have to pay money to get my money??!!

Worse yet, my husband has to pay more money to get them to stop taking money because he is overpaid, in hopes he will get back his 8,000 dollars!! Frustrating beyond words!!!

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