Child Support Out Of The Blue


Okay heres my story. A girl i slept with when I was 18 pops up a few months ago and says u got a 15 year old son, she tells me she looked for me for many years but never could find me, and she is getting divorced and needs child support...DNA was done and he is mine. i agreed topo pay 350 month till he is 18...But every-time she feels like it she threatens me with court to get more money and back support.

I know its bull that she couldn't find me..We live in the same state and have a DL, pay taxes, have a publish phone number, etc....But she collected child support from the state until 2005 till she got married...Im afraid to go to court..can I be forced to pay back all of that money since he was born?.

Also she lived with a man before she was pregnant and we have reason to believe she defrauded the state all those years because they lived together and never reported his income... stating she was single, they filed separate federal income tax forms to get more money and such....Would she be responsible for that money if it was obtained though fraud?...What are my rights here?...We live in Tn if that helps.

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