Child Support ordered after not finding childs father

by Niki
(hamilton ohio usa)

A support order was put in place on oct 2010 after waiting for 6 years for him to show up for a paternity test. i applied for child support when my daughter was born. Once paternity was established there was a support order hearing but an order of 0 was issued because he and his other children's mom received a welfare check from the state. after i found out he didn't get that anymore the county finally did an administrative hearing to order support and it was set at 117 a month (what i would receive) but since i had 30 days to contest it to file for back support i did. the court date is set for feb and i just wonder, my daughter is 8 years old now.

Can i automatically expect to get back support for her from the very first time i filed when she was born? Will it start from the paternity test results date and if it starts from birth basically is there an additional 30 day window for it to be contested against? and also how does the back support order work? I cant get many answers from my local county csea and I was just curious if there is anything more I should know. She is 8 years old and I have never received a dime of support. He barely contacts her and could have set up a skeleton order to start paying support but decided not to do that. Will he automatically be behind when the back support order is established?

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back support
by: Anonymous

When you go to court for the child support. They will determine how much he owes in back child support. He will only have to pay a certain amount a month from that back pay to catch up on his arrears. It may only be like 50 or 100 dollars depending on what they decide and how much he owes for those 8 years. Yes they will start the back child support from when your daugher was born.

re-automatic arrears
by: Anonymous

At this point my daughter's father isnt behind because the case is still pending because court isnt until feb. but will they do the arrears from the time she was born or from the time paternity was established and the first order was put in as zero? i dont expect to get back support for 8 years. Im not trying to cripple anybody but I feel like he decided not to be in her life for all this time and still does a bare minimum that an arears order for most of her life when he wasnt around would help her out in the long run even if its just a little bit more a month.

So am I automatically entitled to the arears? How much does a judge usually go back?

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