Child support order not followed

by anasfacia

In 2007 my ex was ordered to pay health insurance, 1/2 of our daughters tuition, a weekly child support amount and 27% of his quarterly overtime and he was supposed to submit to the courts a copy of his pay records to caculate the overtime.

I received the first overtime check the first quarter from his new wife, he did not follow the courts request to submit to the courts his earnings. A yearlater I filed a motion for contempt b/c he didn't pay the tuition half nor did he provide or pay the overtime% . We went to court and the judge found him in contempt on the.tuition and ordered him to pay. He didn't rule on the overtime.

The next hearing was on all matters and I was representing myself b/c I can't afford an attorney b/c this continued for over a year.when I mentioned it in court the judge told me that had already been ruled on, I explained that it hadn't and he said that" just because he didn't include anything in his order didn't mean he didn't look at it" were going back to court next week b/c I claimed my daughter on taxes this year and it was my ex's turn. In the court order, it states we alternate years as long as the. Hold support obligations are current. according to my records they're not current due to the% of overtime not paid. They are asking the.courts to order me to file an admendment on my taxes.

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