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Child was born in 1995 in Texas to unmarried parents. I (the father) and Mother moved to Florida for about 1.5 years when child was about 2 and we mutually established a support order in FL. After about a year, we mutually agreed that I would stop paying through the courts and pay mother directly. We later all wound up in Texas around 2005 where we have been since and all currently reside.

Child was living primarily with Mother and I paid Mother's house payments and other cash payments, etc. over all these years as child support, which was an agreement we made with each other and all was fine with us. We were getting along for many years, but about a year ago, we had major disagreement over the raising of the child (who is now 16) and I took Mother to court and won primary custody with no further child support due.

Her lawyer comes to find out however, that there is a judgement against me in FL for unpaid support with interest for like $120,000.00. Neither I nor the mother ever knew about this. Seems we didn't fill out the proper paperwork back in FL when we both agreed to stop child support through the courts there and FL was racking up my "unpaid" support with interest ever since then.

I guess they sent me and the mother notices, but we never got them as we had both moved out of FL. So the courts in TX say this is a big mess and FL has jurisdiction but if mother agrees to sign an order releasing me from the Judgement amount. it should all go away. In return for her doing that, I agree to split custody every other week with her (Her main concern was control over the child, and never claimed that I had not paid child support to her), and she agrees to sign the order releasing me of the full amount FL says I owe.

I think everything is fine now, but FL says, nope, we don't care what TX Attny. General office, says, you still owe the money as far as we are concerned and the judgement against you in FL stands. I show them copy of the TX order signed by mother and I releasing me of entire dollar amount, but they say they don't care.

FL lawyer says if Mother will sign something and go to court in FL saying that I have paid her all this time, they will probably absolve the judgement, but the mother is angry at me for all the court stuff we went through here, etc. and she is not being cooperative. What can I do?

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Child Support Questions V.I.P. Member
by: CSA Staff

Hello and thank you for your questions and concerns. Child Support cases can be so messy when multiple states are involved.

Unfortunately each state have their own separate child support enforcement laws as well. That is why Florida will NOT recognize the Texas order. Florida has a right to do what they are doing. It is unfair but legal.

This issue is definitely going to need to be cleared up in Florida, just as the lawyer advised you. The mother may be upset but she is going to have to sign the waiver to clear this up. You will also need to go before a judge and have an order signed to avoid future issues. We wish you well in this matter.

CSA Staff

Which state hold child support orders.
by: Anonymous

I have a child which was born in Ill, where my support order was originally. Ill sent me a letter in December or 2010 indicating a modification and the arrears i owe. First of all my child's mother lie and said our child was my first born and i had no other children. They end up taking $749 a mon in support when i have other children.

After i call not the Attorney General's office but the senator they corrected it. Now my child's mother some how got Wisconsin involved and they now have my case indicating i owe $11,000 in march of 2011. When Ill said i owed $5,000 at the end of 2010. I pay my child support every week plus i pay on my arrears every week directly out of my pay.

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