Child Support Order Finalized And Father Moved Away

by Lorie
(burleson,, texas, Johnson county)

My son was born in Aug of 08. his father went to jail when he was about 6 months old, and was in there for 2 years. he has no relationship with his son. so after we had the child support order done 3 days later he moved to Long view which is about 2 in a half hours from where i live. when my sons dad got out of jail, he would see him 2 or 3 days out of the week and then just not see him at all for a couple of days. this put a great amount of stress on my son. he was at day care and they told me he just fell to his knees and stated crying for no reason for about 15 minutes and they could not get him to stop. he is 2 years old and knows nothing about his father.

He knows that he is his daddy but is to young to understand why he is just coming and going. now that his dad has moved to this place with his new girl friend I'm worried about my son being this far away with his dad and he is not comfortable with him. i don't know what goes on at this house i know that there is more than just him and his girlfriend living there. is it ok for him to just move 3 days after we have our papers done and take my son there? i thought that he could not move within a 100miles once the papers were final?

thank you

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