Child Support order based on inaccurate information

by betty wolverton
(napa, ca. usa)

I am on tanf for a child from a previous relationship and my second child was born while i received aid for my first child which made my second child not eligible for aid when i did establish a support order which i have recently learned was not based on accurate income of ncp and all subsequent modifications i filed for with the lcsa and the family court was never determined using a verified income statement nor did the lcsa ever obtain a copy of the ncp income tax returns all orders were based on information the ncp stated but never provided documentation of and the lcsa modified his current support after he requested it stating he was unemployed the due process was not given to me and when i contacted the lcsa they said i have no ability to negotiate payment arrangements since i was on aidfor my first child from a previous relationship it was not how a judge determined when i filed to set aside the order the judge granted the set aside and i asked to review his i&e declaration and prior 2 years fax returns which the lcsa didnt have so the judge ordered us to come back and the ncp was ordered to provide them he did and the lcsa was unaware when reviewing these their attorney said oh he only made 11,000 last year and i corrected his by saying that is 110,000

Then i was really upset so i asked the judge to order him to bring in 6 mo. of his bank statements and when he did i was not able to review them prior to signing an agreement again based on false information he claims he only has 1,600 mo unemployment yet his bank statements show he deposits anywhere from 3,000 to 6,000 every month and these statements show transfers from this acct to another acct which he didnt provide statements about and i called the lcsa and addressed the fact that he clearly has another source of income and the lcsa stated i signed the order and if i want to change it i need to file again when i reviewed the collection and distribution statements the support distribution deducted money from the support that was collected and the money was used to repay past cash aid paid to me when this child never qualified for cash aid how was it deducted from child support i receive for my second child to pay back cash aid i received for my older child before i even had this child whats my rights in how my case is handled and when the lcsa is not doing the job of locating the ncp assets and they calculated support orders solely based on his word am i legally not able to obtain an attorney with the cash aid i still receive for my first child is deducting money from child support i receive for my second child to repay past cash aid received fo my first child really done while i am still receiveng aid for my first child cuz that defeats the purpose of providing me aid when it deducted when i still get aid how will that allow someone on aid to ever get off of aid what do i do how should these situations be handled am i being handled appropriately with regard to the lcsa and their resources to locate the ncp income and assets any assistance will be greatly appreciated

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