Child Support Nightmare

by Jake
(Jarrell, TX, USA)

My ex moved to MS from TX after we split which is where our divorce was finalized on 10/08 & we agreed on joint custody with our son residing with her in MS. When it came time for my visitation my ex told me I couldn't take our son since he didn't know me (I tried to take him before the divorce to see my parents in FL but she refused then as well).

So she told me if I called & talked to him on the phone I could take him come summer which was the next time I was to get him...well he had just turned 3 & not only did he have no interest in being on the phone but my ex & her mother always put the phone on speaker & told him what to say.

Needless to say I didn't call on a regular basis anymore & decided I would just go get him for my summer visitation..well our divorce decree says 2 weeks in June & 2 weeks in July & since she refused to tell me her plans or when I could come I didn't get him. My (now) wife found out from my ex wife's ex that she left my son at her mom's for 3 months to live with a guy she knew for 3 weeks then moved him into a home her mom rented her & my son.

In other words she was ok with abandoning my son to go live with someone & she was ok with him living with a man SHE didn't know!! They broke up 3 months after they moved in with my son. After finding this out I was determined to see my son regardless of how my ex felt about it. That takes us to Thanksgiving...I text my ex a week before giving her the date, time & place I'd be picking our son up at.

I got a text the night before I was going to get him saying she had taken him out of state to Disneyland!! That's not Christmas she had moved in yet another guy!!! So before my Christmas visitation I called the sheriff's office to see if I could just have them follow me to her house & have them make my ex hand my son over per our custody papers but to my astonishment MS can't do that!! I was told my only option was to take her back to court taking me to my next issue..child support.

At the time of our divorce I knew I was getting out of the Army however I agreed to pay support based on my current wages assuming I'd be able to get a job making the same as I did in the Army. It's been almost 2 yrs & I'm making $12/hr from my $4500/month I made in the Army. I filed for a modification & after a yr of back & forth with TX & MS on who handles the modification I am told by MS child support attorney they are denying my request because my ex says I could stay in the Army...

I told them in my original request as well as in 2 separate emails I had proof I could not reenlist & it took me filing a complaint to get her to even look at it! She then comes back with I should have known after being in the Army for 8 yrs how much I was going to make as a civilian & said if my ex is willing to lower the support it will be the only way it will be modified.

Now at $12/hr & the fact that I have had another child since my divorce there is no way I can afford an attorney to lower the child support or fight to have a relationship with my son!! My ex won't even tell my wife my son's size or what he likes so we can buy him stuff! I'm desperate to see him & my wife & I have tried legal aide but TX doesn't have jurisdiction in MS & MS can't help since we are not residents & Pearl River County doesn't even accept pro se cases for child support or custody! I don't know what else to do & am hoping someone can lead me to where I might find someone or where I can get help.

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