Child Support Modification

by Jina Anderson
(Converse, IN)

I do not have an attorney and my divorce is supposed to be finalized next Wednesday the 28th of October. I signed the divorce and custody papers a few weeks ago and the hearing was set. Then, last Tuesday I got fired from my job and I dont even know why. I called my husbands attorney and told her I lost my job last week so I was concerned because I agreed to pay $400.00 a month in child support.

Her response was to tell me that they would put off the hearing until after the 1st of the year to give me time to find a job. I think she believes I got fired on purpose which I would never do, however, I believe she meant it as a threat by saying she would put it off. So, my question is, can I file for a modification as soon as the order is put in place next Wednesday because I do not want my divorce put off. Everytime we get close to this being settled they move it back. Its a game to my husband and his attorney and Ive had enough. I want it over with. I have no problem paying my support but it should be based on my true income and all I get is VA disability right now and its only $497.00 a month.

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by: Anonymous

call the courthouse and talk to the Judge's clerk and ask what you need to do to schedule an emergency hearing. This will expedite you getting in to explain what has happened and put you before the Judge. Also, go online and research for modification documents. I did this and made up my own papers, submitted them to the courts and they accepted it and set up and hearing date for me. Good Luck.

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