Child Support Modification Review Requested

by Larry
(Denver, CO)

I requested a review because my child support started April first and the obligee had just started her job as a waitress, she put that she only makes 450 a month which i dont believe that is accurate any longer, i have a son in my current marriage and i only make 2080 a month, but now with 335/moin child support i only bring home 1200/mo. I dont think that is enough to support myself and my family.

Also, the obligee lives at home in her mothers house, pays no rent and has no bills. Would that matter when it comes to determining child support? I requested a review a month and a half later because i wanted her to have some income to really show what she makes, even if she is a waitress she makes a lot of her income with her tips, which she should declare, right? Also last month was killer when it came to paying my rent and bills... Do you think they would take into consideration my reason for a modification?

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Larry,

Yes we do feel they will consider all of your concerns. Did you declare your other child to child support? When they calculate the amount you will get a deduction for having another child.


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