Child Support Modification Review In Texas

by SHall79

I have a 3 yr old daughter with my ex-boyfriend. He has been unemployed most of her life, but just recently started a business this year. We had gotten back together briefly earlier this year and during that time he freely told me some things about his business. What I had was enough to give me a start so I made note of what he told me. We later broke up and he immediately started a new relationship and got the the new g/f pregnant. She was helping her with his business until they got in a huge fight and they broke up.

She's confided in me about a lot of things including details of how he runs his business and how much he is bringing in monthly. Being that he is self-employed now what can I do? What documentation would be useful and admissible that I could send? They his dba license,tax ID number, landlord contact info, but no documentation of what he's making. The new ex said that he doesn't keep an actual ledger book, just receipts for every transaction. Eventually this would have to bite him where it hurts, because of lack of sufficient financial records, but what can I do?

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Honestly you can't do much. All he needs to show for child support are his tax returns. If he is not being truthful on his taxes then that will come back to haunt him when he owes the IRS. What you can do is make sure that child support puts a lien on his taxes so that you can receive his taxes offset.


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