Child support modification court hearing

I am currently in the process going through a modification of child support and I have my ex's financial affidavit and mines but I have two more children in my current marriage that are way younger than my first marriage does the child support guidelines and the court take into consideration the differences in age of my 4 kinds and the expenses I have to determine if my ex qualifies for an increase in child support. Please let me know soon as I have a hearing on 01/26/11. I would just like to be prepared for the unexpected.

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Maybe this will help
by: Anonymous

I live in NC. In NC it does not matter what the expenses are for children that are not of those of the non custodial parent. However, if the children that are his have developed any exceptional needs like the need for speech therapy or a medical condition like severe asthma that requires special treatment with a high cost. In NC you can not get more than the following which includes the cost of medical coverage and the percentage in the case of multiple orders is a combined percentage (per pay period)- In NC 40% of his disposable income if he has one child support order 45% if he has multiple orders. Per the Fair Credit Reporting Act (Federal Law) it can not exceed the following - 50% if he lives alone and does not support a spouse or child. 55% if he supports a spouse or child. 60% if he does support a spouse or child and is in arrears 12wks or more 65% if he does not support a spouse or child and is 12wks in arrears.

figure it up by doing the following I have given an example
he makes 16.00 per hour and is paid bi-weekly
16.00*80= 1280.00 * 26= 33280.00 / 12 = 2773.33
2773.33/2 = 1386.66
lets say you get 500.00 a month
to find the percentage divide order in 2 or whatever the pay frequency is then find the percentage of his income that you are already getting.
250.00/1386.66= 18%

by: Anonymous

I am still going thru a custody fight for my boys Right now we have share custody TO COMPLACTE THINGS i THINK i MIGHT BE PREGNANT WOULD THAT MAKE ME LOSE CUSTODY TO MY KIDS iT IS SOMEONE ELSE OTHER THAN MY EX HUSBAND TO BE Do I have to tell courts if I am

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