Child Support Lowered Due To Second Child

by jeff swartz
(jacksonville nc)

I am a sgt in the usmc and i have a 7 year old son with my ex wife and now have a 2 month old son with my fiance. i pay my ex 725.00 a month for just my one son, i have never complained about paying that much because i always wanted to provide as much as possible for him but now that i have a second child that lives with me there has been more expenses. i am still paying the 725.00 to my ex but i could really use a little of that to help with my bills and new expenses. i am not asking if it can be lowered a crazy amount but i just want to know what my chances are of having it lowered at least just a little bit, so i can provide for both of my children equally.

My next question is son has came to me saying how his mother is talking bad about me as a father and telling him that i care about my new son more than i do him (which is by far not true i love both of them equally) and she is constantly doing this it wasn't just a one time thing, she holds valuable information from me like his social security number when i needed it for an appointment of mine, is there anything i can do about this?

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Child support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Jeff,

Yes your support amount will be lowered because of your new child. You should also consider getting court ordered visitation established so that your ex wife cannot play those games. YOU are entitled to all of your child's information but you must have that court order. Was visitation established in your divorce decree?


re: csa staff comment
by: Anonymous

yes it was issued i was stupid and let her move out of town after our divorce but i get him every summer and every other holiday.....but she is constantly making things difficult whether it be about where we meet to pick up and drop off or what time is only ok with her...she just does it to spite me and i know she could get in trouble for that but i also dont want to bring anything to court because everytime something bad like that happens she will put me down in front of my son and the last thing i want him to think is that i dont care or love him.

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