Child support laws are unfair!

by Marsha
(Everett PA)

My husband has 2 children that he is paying support for, they are to 2 different women. Both women told my husband that they could not have anymore kids, so he did not use protection (which he knows now was dumb) but, basically all he is good for now is money. Neither women will let him have anything to do with the kids, they aren't even gonna tell the kids he is their dad.

Yes, he had a good paying job, but he lost it, because they transferred him to a dept that he never worked in before, it was -20 degrees (freezer section) & he couldn't keep up with their "production" requirements. He has since found another job, but they will not lower the amount of support that he has to pay, because "he has the potential to make more". Neither one of these women work, they each have 4 kids, to 4 different dads, collecting child support from 4 different men, collecting welfare.

Between my husband & I (not counting these two kids) we have 7 other kids to support (we were both married before, he has 3 kids to his ex & I have 4 kids to my ex, but neither one of us has primary custody of the kids. Thankfully, our ex's havent filed for child support, but we have all 7 kids every weekend, all summer & over any school holidays they are with us) We can not get help with food stamps or anything because we dont have physical custody of these kids. We are going to lose our house & vehicle, because of the amount he is paying in support & trying to feed 7 other kids.

I think each case should be looked at seperatley & not by "the guidelines" every case is different, there needs to be changes made. Not all dads are deadbeats, some just are not given the opportunity to be a part of the childs life. We cant afford an attorney to try to get visitation, because of all the support he is paying.

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