Child Support Interstate Case Between Georgia and Nevada

by Michele "VIP MEMBER".....................

My son's father lives in Nevada, while we live in Georgia. I originally opened the case in November last year. A hearing was set for July 21st, but I was given no notice by my local office here in Georgia.

Nevada did give me a pin to access case information from their automated system. I found out about the hearing on June 22nd by accessing that system. I then called my Georgia office for information on having a telephonic hearing. Since they have 10 day turn around time, it was the end of July before I received the response "We have contacted Nevada for an update". Needless to say I received no response until I called on July 15th only to find out Nevada must be given at least 30 days notice in order to schedule a telephonic hearing.

I was given a order for $100/month. I called Nevada and Georgia to find out this is a temporary order and if there will be another hearing set. Nevada has advised this is a standing order since the NCP is unemployed and has 3 other minor children to support.

Upon a request from my local case worker, I have sent a letter for my case to be re-evaluated. I have requested the NCP to at least pay for half of childcare, which is $300/month.

Do you have any other suggestions? I've been thinking about hiring a private investigator to find out if the's working under the table. But I just the idea of spending that kind of money without it benefiting my child. Any assistance/advice you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you



My caseworker has done nothing since my case was opened. It is an interstate case, and I've been able to gather more information then she has. I have received no notifications whatsoever. They even annotated on my file that a phone call was made when it was not. I am very frustrated and confused.

I would like to know what I can do get some response from my office. When I call the other state, they do provide me with information, but its' very limited. I would like to escalate the case, but I feel their escalation would do nothing. I'm trying to find some otehr solutions.

Please help!

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Hi Michele,

We took your two posts and merged them into one. I also have forwarded your situations to one of our head staff members. You can expect a reply back on or before Friday.

Furthermore, please use this platform for further communication in the future. It's the fastest way to get a response back with our new system.

Do us a favor and send us a quick reply back, so that we know you received this message.

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You're awesome
by: Michele

Thank you for your assistance. !

V.I.P. Question

Dear Michelle,

Thank you for your questions and sharing your child support situation. It can be difficult and frustrating when multiple states are involved with your case.

It is very difficult to receive any type of results from using your county child support office and caseworker. They are attending to so many cases and very little progress is achieved this way.

We recommend that you take your ex to court and get "an order" for him to pay half of the childcare expenses. Now you can hire an attorney or else you can file the paperwork yourself and only pay the court costs. Call your county Family Court clerk of courts office and request the information. Most of these forms can be downloaded from their websites. You will fill out the necessary paperwork and then file it in court and pay the costs. You will get a court date (as will your ex) and your issue will go before a judge. This is going to be your best way of getting any possible monies with the childcare expenses.

You spoke about hiring a private investigator. You are better off using that money to hire an attorney and have him fight the childcare expense battle for you. If you have any other expenses then you can get these court ordered as well. For example any medical, dental, vision, private schooling, tutoring etc. Your ex could be potentially responsible to help you pay for these as well.

An option could be that you go to an attorney for a free consultation and see what your options are.
Under the table income is very difficult to prove. It is better to focus on the issues you can prove like the childcare and get it court ordered. If after the court order he refuses to pay then he will become in contempt of court and can face other problems for that.

We wish you well in your situation and please keep us updated!


my case with with VA and OH
by: Anonymous

My daughter and i live in VA and her father lives in OH....i too have been having issues with getting this case back on the courts took 8 months to verify the NCP address....i had to show proof that he lived at the address on file (we went to court recently in VA on a MTA of custody and visitation) and i showed proof of the address on the summons i received information to show that the address had been verified but as of today still no court date.....i have gone as far as writing the governor of VA and the director of child and family serivces in OH and they ask me not to call (LOL)
Something needs to be done about the interstate cases and the service in OH is awful

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