Child Support In Two states

by sarah

Hi I have twin 12 year old daughters. There father was ordered to pay $50 a week in child support. I am in Michigan and he is in Texas. He paid the child support until 2005.

He is the manager where he work's as I told the FOC, so the H.R. Dept never get's the paperwork from the FOC here. There is still an active bench warrant here for him for non payment but they stopped trying to collect.

Another thing to add is the court left his visitation's to my discretion as he kidnapped one of them in 2000. He has never even tried to communicate with them let alone see them. I am wondering why the FOC has given up and what I can do to start receiving the child support again.

And if I take him to People's court or another small claim's court for the back support ordered will he still be liable to pay the rest of it because I know for small claim's I can only sue him for $5000 of what he owes me which is almost $13,000 now.

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