Child Support In Georgia

by Jane Arrington
(Georgia )

I live in Georgia. My child support order was signed in 1995. It states shall receive until 18, marries, becomes emancipated whichever comes first. My child turned 18 December 2009, a full time high school student and graduated in May 2010. OCSE advised me that in the state of Georgia I am entitled until she graduates since she is a full-time student. I was also told since my order was signed after 1992 that I was grandfathered into the new 2007 CS laws that says until she graduates HS. Can you please shed some light as to when it ends? I was unable to get a modification to change ending date because father was in another country and has been non-existent for 18 years.

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Child Support Questions
by: CSA Staff

Dear Jane,

Yes you are entitled to receive support until your child graduates from high school. Georgia is correct. Are you currently receiving payments?

CSA Staff

Child Support
by: Anonymous

My divorce eas in Georgia in 1998. My son entered the 12th grade in August of 2009. He was allowed to take college courses even though he had not graduated from high school. His father did not pay child support after he turned 18 in December of 2009. He actually graduated from high school on June 10, 2010. His high school had to approve all of his classes and they paid the college his tuition for his courses. My decree states he pays until 18 and/or while enrolled in or attending high school. Does he owe the remaining 6 months?

Graduating HS at age 15
by: Anonymous

My child has skipped several years of school, and has been accepted to college at age 15. Is he an adult now? Do my obligations for child support end when he graduates in May? Do other agreed upon obligations (such as not taking him out of the country) still apply?


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