Child Support in Butler County Ohio and my SSDI

by A. Ray

I got hit by a drunk driver coming home from work 3 years or so back. I have been off work since then I filed for SSDI and won and got full back pay. My arrears were around 18k ~ for the 3 odd years and the paid my ex $10004.00 and started $519.00 a month. Not being paid thru the CSEA but straight to her. I fought with them on the phone and got a audit done and they added the money to the arrears. And accepted the $519.00 per month to cover the $358.00 child sup order ~ but they refused to accept the remaining to go towards the $83.00 a month arrearage payment. But, they filed a thing to take $493.00 out of my monthly $982.00 SSDI payment. And got it taken out to go toward the arrears ~ how come they won't count the extra $100.00 plus she is getting every month toward arrears??? Aren't they picking and chosing? And can they put an order in place if I am paying my child support as ordered? I am living off $982.00 a month and now they are taking $493.00 OUT OF THAT EVERY MONTH ~

How am I supposed to live on $400.00 a month??? I am disabled my back was broken in three places and I will never work again , I will never run again !~ I am lucky to be walking and wasn't for 6 months ~ It seems criminal,. I see my child on a regular basis and this will stop that as well. Maybe if I am dead they will give a damn! They lie at the BUTLER COUNTY CSEA. I have been filing for a Mod/Review for 2 years and after they took all my money they decided to grant me a review next month (JAN. 11). I should have gotten one back 2 to 3 years ago when I was in a hospital bed for 39 days and had to learn to walk again!!I qualified and have e-mails from their office to prove it ~ yet everytime I sent it they would say oh we didn't get it because they knew I was in TN and not in Ohio and laid up they did this 4 times ~ I have e-mails and fax transmital sheets to prove it all ~ and they refused to address it in the mistake of fact hearing last week even after I sent her all the info ~ she didn't even address it.

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If You're the Father Who Tried to Contact Me
by: Tony Fantetti

If you're the father from Tennessee who tried to contact me a few months ago, I was unable to retrieve your phone number from your voice mail message. Please call me again (or email) to discuss this matter.


Tony Fantetti
Ohio Council for Fathers Rights

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