Child Support in Arrears and Interest Question

by John Reynolds
(Salem, OR)

While unemployed for a period of time,I could not pay my child support. I am now employed and paying the monthly court ordered amount plus 9% to catch up. I owe approximately $4,500. Can the state of Oregon charge interest on the amount in arrears (It has not happened at this time)?

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child support arrears
by: Anonymous

How can i get child support arrears from my ex from his tax refund

Child support arrears
by: Anonymous

The absent parent in currently paying part of his court ordered child support payments and has not initiated Health Insurance for the child as ordered in the decree. I would like to have a lump sum payment and Health ins. for my college bound son who is in his third year of college. The arrearages are now at $10,750.

Is there anyone that can help me in the state of maryland to obtain these funds. Also the absent parent has not filed his taxes in over 6 years because he does not want child support to take his check. I have been a working parent, not on government assistance, I just would like to be done with the bi-weekly payments and have it all at once.
Can someone help me

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