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Women are treated like 2nd class citizens in CHILD SUPPORT COURT SYSTEM in the State of Illinois. The DEADBEAT dads are treated like the VICTIMS not the CHILD who is the only real VICTIM.

WOMEN encourage Contact with the CHILD and FATHER. Your only lowering yourself to his level if you use the CHILD as a PAWN. The saying OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MIND. Except in my case the DEADBEAT is more likely then not if he is in contact with his CHILD to pay his CHILD SUPPORT. Do not hold the CHILD above the DEADBEATS head you'll pay dearly for that later on EMOTIONALLY and so will your CHILD.

I'm not male bashing. Only if your a DEADBEAT male either by FINANCIAL or EMOTIONAL.


From the Politicians (Republicans) to the Judges, Attorney's and the Attorney's for the State of Illinois. No matter how small the amount for CHILD SUPPORT and Women are still viewed as GOLD DIGGERS. I must have been DIGGIN FOOLS GOLD!!! At $39 dollars a week he did everything to AVOID PAYING. His Attorney was paid more.

I have actually heard different male Attorney's for the Deadbeat dads actually say that to their clients in the Court House lobby and they didn't care who heard them. REALLY!! For 19 yrs. I have fought with the CHILD SUPPORT SYSTEM and knew from the first time going to Court for CHILD SUPPORT in 1992 WOMEN were not treated EQUALLY. The hair on the back of my neck stood straight up.

These DEADBEAT dads know how to MANIPULATE the CHILD SUPPORT SYSTEM and the Attorney's help them. UNBELIEVABLE!! Believe me the Judges are fully aware of the MANIPULATION and most are a part of it.

DEADBEAT DAD establishes employment at the lowest paying in job he can get.

When CHILD SUPPORT amount is calculated and COURT ORDERED. After around 2 months later they QUIT their job and go to another one with HIGHER PAY. Even though its CONTEMPT OF A COURT ORDER to report any change in EMPLOYMENT within a 10 day period. No report of change is made and they know they will get away with it.

Each time I caught the DEADBEAT he QUIT his job and went to another one. He got away with it. He even committed perjury at a CHILD SUPPORT COURT hearing hiding the fact he owns 2 houses and rents one of them out. There was even a COURT REPORTER present during the Hearing and he still lied even though I could prove his ownership through Deeds for 2 houses each in only his name.

The Judge would not listen. He could afford a Attorney I could not. I sure didn't want to use the Attorney's for the State of Illinois his Attorney had them eating out of his hands. So, I represented myself and after 19 years I finally had a Voice the only problem I had with the Judge is he should have listened to me more about the DEADBEAT owning 2 houses and hiding that income too.

I feel that the COURT should go back to each job the DEADBEAT worked at earning much HIGHER wages and not reporting INCREASE in wages. Its not my fault he did that and got away with it. Its the CHILD that suffers.

Make these DEADBEATS go back to each job and pay the 20% from each job where he had a substantial INCREASE in wages.

NEW HIRE LAW IN ILLINOIS: Another joke. Each time I caught the DEADBEAT and called his place of EMPLOYMENT they stated he marked no CHILDREN and that he did not owe CHILD SUPPORT. I get it. As a Nurse I recognize symptoms of AMNESIA. Selective AMNESIA.

Because even though he did everything to avoid paying COURT ORDERED CHILD SUPPORT and his Selective AMNESIA each year he begged for the TAX exemption. Really. Needless to say he didn't get it.


OMITTING information should have the same consequences as an out right Lie. Let a WOMEN try that who receives Public Aid and see what happens to her.

A threat of a FRAUD CHARGE with possible prison time and she has to pay every bit back. Even if an ERROR was made by accident either by the client or Public Aid the WOMEN (client) is responsible if overpayment is made. Why are the men able to MANIPULATE the CHILD SUPPORT SYSTEM??

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Need reform
by: Anonymous

The Child Support system needs reform before it should be enforced.
The NCP's (Men or women) get the shaft all the time. People never think about it but maybe if the laws were reformed, and the payers were not bled dry with overstated award amounts, just maybe they would be more willing to pay a realistic amount.

Same treatment in IL
by: Anonymous

I am treated the same way. I can't get any help for my children in IL. The judge feels sorry for my ex who does everything to avoid paying. Non Custodial Parents who lie and hide are not victims, they should be in jail for child neglect. Afterall if I decided tomorrow that I wasn't going to feed, house and clothe my children I would be arrested for neglect.

you're a loser
by: Anonymous

Why don't you quit blaming the dads for your lazy uneducated mistakes and go get a job yourself. all of you woman are whining losers.

by: Anonymous

You can get records of the houses he owns and take them to court yourself. All that information is public.

withholding orders are they good or bad
by: Anonymous

dads are always the blame,i just made my final payment yesterday and my children are 24 years old,does that make me a deadbeat dad.ive worked my whole life and 2 of my employers had withholding orders, oh and they took out my child support every week,then i moved back to illinois in "08" only to find out my last 2 employers never made the payments to child support,18,460.00 they took from me. who had to pay it back me.Before the court ordered it be held out of my pay.i never missed a payment,so why is it my fault.guys have a stigma were the bad ones,it goes both ways there a more deadbeat women than dads u people need to do more research.and my ex was one of they great you'll never see your kids again,well after paying all this time and did'nt see or hear from my twins for 11 years,the state of illinois should pay me for the time i can never replace,it sucks period.

So Sorry
by: Anonymous

My child support goes to pay for my ex-wife house and car. My son was left to fail 6, 7, & 8th grade before I even had a chance to see his report card. Five F's and Two C- 2nd quarter 8th grade and in trouble with the law. Youngest daughter made to share room with brother while older sister moves back home with drinking problem and is allowed to have sex in same house. Younger daughter saw these acts on her cell phone. Lack of food, clothing and proper medical attention and I still don't miss a payment. My son has a baby tooth rotting for the last 4 years and I can't even help him. I'm the better parent but she is their mother. You should have learned to live on your own before you had children to know how to take care of yourself with now help

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