child support if child is in daycare

We live in Virginia, my ex and I were never married. Originally my ex is responsible being with our daughter for 60hrs a week and pay 150 a month. But, because he wanted to go to school and had to work, I was ok with cutting it down to 16hrs. Now, he believes he should pay less because he was use to 16hrs and upset when i added an extra day. I want to file for full custody because he is irresponsible and doesn't care about our daughter. So, when I do file for custody I will need my daughter in a daycare because I have school and work, will having her in a daycare affect the outcome of him not paying more in daycare when I get full custody? Also, he is moving in with his new girlfriend they will be sharing income. With his extra form of income can that result in him paying more in child support?

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