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I have been paying child support since 2003 i was court ordered in ftwayne IN.she is now 18 and still has another year of high school.i was told i have to pay until she is 21 or graduation first.i just found out she has moved out of her moms house and now living with her boyfriend.i was told no matter what she does i have to pay her mother.i have a boss where i work he has a son he pays for and he will be 18 this year and going to college and him and his son filled a paper to emancipate his son and his son agreed to sign it and now he wont have to pay after april of this year.i wanted to know if INDIANA laws have that same thing,my daughter and i have talked about it and she has agreed to do it if i can.since she is 18 and no longer living with her mother because her mother wont let her have the i would like to know if i could emancipate her will i be able to stop child support i have to pay the back support up to 3400.00 which i know i will still have to pay no matter please let me know as soon as possible.thank you for your time

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