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by Beth
(reside in ross county/ support in pike county)

I have no idea where to start. My husband I have been married for almost 7 year's now and we have to deal with his drama queen ex-wife. My husband has been fighting with his ex for as long as I can remember. When his support was ordered he was making 20.08 an hr and now only make's 11 an hr. now. He is ordered to pay 547.00 a month for his son but is also ordered to pay 347.00 a month for his daughter plus we have a 8 year old son together plus I have 2 children form a previous marriage. We have requested for reviews for his son for the support to be lowered because for 1 his pay went down, we have a biological child together and he pay's for another child but her case worker is so against my husband and will not work with him on anything and yell's at my husband. Not very professional in my eyes. No body want's to help my family. The ex-wife will call all the time for money and takes it upon herself to do thing's like have wage document's sent to a company where my husband is not even employed at.

My husband is laid off right now because he is a construction worker. Now what I don't understand she is getting like 500.00 a month in support for her oldest ordered to get 547.00 which my husband can not pay and now she has a new baby which the dad is a dead beat. Why should should her and her baby's daddy be living the high life from all the child support payment's and the kids get all these nice item's and so forth and why my kids and I have to suffer of having nothing so she can have it all. I told my husband to hire a lawyer (which we can not afford by all means) because her case worker is only for her and not willing to work with my husband at all on anything. My husband keep's in contact with the mother and caseworker but unwilling to work with us. What can we do to get the support lowered to a reasonable amount. Not only is this affect my husband the payee but it affect's me as the spouse and my children because he also help's me support my children ( all minor's). She will take everything from us if i let her. How can I stop this craziness? Please any input or question's I will gladly answer.

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Help With Your Situation
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Beth,

Is your husband's case in the same city in which he resides?


Dear Beth
by: Anonymous

I am not sure what you can do,I having the same problem with my fiance's ex(they never married)
We dont mind paying the child support that we are entitled ,but he is laid off,we have a child of our own ,and are on the verge of loosing our apartment ,have backed up child support,and she is taking us back to court to try and increase the support ...aarrgghh.she just cancelled the date because she found out we arent doing to good and hes laid off .she arranged it for another date so hopefully he will be working and can suck him for everything we dont have.....Fed up with the system like you.Nobody helps the fathers..

I am sorry ,I hope everything comes through for you and your family.

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