Child Support Help Needed In A Hurry

by Scott
(Canton, Ohio USA)

My name is Scott in Stark County Ohio. I have been in arrearages for quite some time now; I am at least 18,000 dollars behind. I am not lazy, and I do want to pay. I have a wonderful 13 yr. old boy; he is the best thing in my world! I love him dearly, and believe he deserves the very best. I have just returned from a 30 day stay at the stark county jail for contempt for not paying child support since last year. I have a variety of mental illnesses such as bi-polar, borderline personality disorder, paranoia, major anxiety disorder, I am not on medication for these problems, but as you could imagine it makes it very difficult to find a job.

I am afraid to tell of these conditions to child support because they are all out to just make people’s lives pure hell, (at least that’s been my experience), and surely they would be even more in my life where they are they are not welcome if these conditions were brought to their attention, they would probably not let me see my son anymore.

I am not crazy at all, i am a very functional, hard working, clear minded man, and these afflictions merely make my life difficult. I do not have a valid i.d., or a license, they have been suspended, (stupidly) by child support, so I cannot get to work even if i did have a job, (ridiculous)!!!! my case worker has no regard for any ones situation except the payee and herself, my situation means nothing to either one of them.

I am living in my brothers basement now, with no real hope of getting a good job, because of the license thing, they do not understand at child support that I have absolutely no way of getting to and from work, I cannot rely on someone else for a ride at all. So if I can’t get my license, I can’t get a job, an i.d. just won’t be enough. And if I could get my license, there is no way I would ever be able to pay any kind of fee assessed directly from child support, I cannot borrow money. The only thing I can see happening now the way things are going, and with no help, I am only going to end up back in jail, accumulating more arrearages. That seems to be the pattern with most men these days that can’t pay because of reasons they cannot control. Very loving, caring, good people sitting in jail, while the real deadbeats are out smoking crack and collecting from welfare, and beating, neglecting, and starving their kids.

I need do I get my license back without having to take out a loan to pay child support fees, how can I find a good job without being harassed and ridiculed by child support, how can i get a male caseworker that will take time to consider what needs to be done, or at least one that cares about me as well as the payee. It seems that female caseworkers want to use their power in excess to show their authority over a man. Is it true that arrearages can be forgiven by my Childs mother? This whole experience with child support in the last 13 yrs. has been a nightmare from day one, why is it that a man obligated to child support is automatically considered a piece of S#@$% from the get go?

Please excuse my language but i am livid at the stark county child support system and the absolute corruption that goes along with it. I have no hope left in making a good life for myself; child support has completely demoralized me and is making me believe there is no way out except to go back to jail. They want to punish me instead of help make things right. I cannot get a hold of my case worker; she will not return my calls. But if they need me for something I better be there or else. How fair is that? I am not a criminal, a rapist or a murderer, or a thief, just a person, (of very few), that actually want help, but cannot get it. Please help me.

I don’t know what to do or where to turn. by the way, at my last hearing in July of 2009, when I was sentenced to 30 days in jail, the prosecutor from child support deliberately, and without conscience, lied like a snake to the judge about me in order to get me put in jail, she said my son "shouldn’t have to go without eating", my son is VERY healthy and VERY WELL taken care of, and VERY well fed!! I have been doing odd jobs around the neighborhood to get money for my son, and his grandparents on both sides are very involved in his life and help. He is never and will never be introduced into any trashy or unsuitable home, or corrupt lifestyle.

I or anyone in his life will not tolerate any drugs or alcohol or any undesirable person around him. The prosecutor also said that i should "want to see and spend time with my son" I see my son almost on a daily basis, and if I didn’t I would be completely lost, I have one best friend, and that is my son. He has a lot of good friends, is NEVER hungry, does never want for anything because he has everything he needs, and if he doesn’t, he gets it. he has a dirt bike, is fed regularly, me and his mother are great parents, friends, a very loving and caring family, which is more than i can say for myself at his age. a lot of people don’t give a darn about their kids having these things.

There is nothing that I don’t know about my son’s life. I talk to him about drugs, sex, alcohol, and all the bad effects these things may have on his life, and because of this, I don’t think he has had anything to do with any of those things, I always make sure nothing is going on with him that he cannot handle that I could help him with. I am his friend as well as his dad, and there is nothing he cannot tell me, and he knows it. I told him not to be afraid to talk to me about anything; I will not be mad at him as long as he doesn’t lie to me, we have very good and long talks all the time. I tell him that him and I can get through and fix anything as long as he talks to me about it. We are both very comfortable with each other, he helps me too, and very good advice comes from this child!!!

We are inseparable, and if child support thinks they are going to change that, they are sooooo wrong. I personally think they have no business meddling in my personal life and I am infuriated that they are. Anyway, I left a few questions in here; I get off track talking about my son!!!! He is so great and child support is making a mockery of EVERY good intentioned father.

Thank you for your help.

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We Are Going To Help You
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Scott,

We are going to help you, but we need to know if your email address is correct. Please respond back to this post. If your email was correct you would have received a message saying that we approved your submission. The link would have then led you here.



by: catherine

well,first i would see about ssi(social security income)to see if you are be eligible you must first be diagnosed by a doctor,for your mental health issues.if you are diagnosed with the disorders that you suffer from,you will then be able to collect is wonderful that you have a great father son relationship.and that you remain friendly with his mother.and all the other very caring family members that are in his life.i would be quite upset also with the caseworker if she lied and said that you do not spend time with your son.where would she get that info from?maybe you can speak to a supervisor expressing your concern on not getting any cooperation from the caseworker. good luck !!!

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