Child support going nowhere for over 5 months

by thomas wilson
(Butler, PA)

My 19 year old daughter had a child with an individual that resides in NC prior to moving in to live with myself and my wife here in PA based on their inability to maintain expenses involved with day to day living and supporting a child. She filed the requested documentation over 5 months ago and was eventually told that they were having a hard time locating this individual. This was not done proactively by the local office it was completed after numerous calls for request of information were placed to them. Finally roughly a month ago they gave her a date of 11/17 as a resolution date however when she contacted them today they indicated that it would now be sometime in December.

I seem to read good things about the program here in PA for this however none have been true in her case. Is there a way to escalate this matter so that it can be done in a more timely fashion? She is having a hard time understanding why it is taking so long and what exactly is being done and/or accomplished.
Thanks in advance

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