Child Support Garnishment And Arrears

by alex smith
(decatur, ga)

Divorced 4 years ago. her atty set up support at $500.00 per month until my first child by first wife turned 18. then support was to go to $833.00 per month which was 20% of my gross at that time. (made $4,100 for one month) Never contested since during the year following filing, we we still considering reconciliation. She went through with divorce at end of the one year to keep from having to refile all over again. Lost job in Nov. 2009 she filed with Child Sup. Enforcement last day of Jan. 2010.

Started new job and immediately informed ch.Supp. Services. Now they are garnishing up to $193.00 per week or 45% of net pay based on original order of $833.00 per month. I filed for modification when I met with C.S.Enf. back in Feb 2009. They will not reply to any requests made, won't return calls nor emails.Filed with court in March after serving ex with papers and have court date of June 24, 2010.

Now after me for arrears. Can't pay, my first divorce had me paying $300.00 per month until my son graduates college, not when he turned 18.Any suggestions? I am only making around $1,600 per month and over half of that is training salary for 90 days. I am in the second month of that 90.

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Dear Alex,

You should contact the office and request a modification. Get the paperwork started now. 45% of your pay is not unusual. Some states can garnish up to 65%. Have you received a modification in the last 36 months?


reply to question asked by csa
by: Anonymous

I have never modified or tried to modify. Was not a problem until she got behind on rental property payments. At 45% I can't pay rent, other child support, car insurance, etc.

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