Child Support From A Minor

by Alex

My 15 year old daughter is pregnant by a 15 year old. Can the boy's parents be held responsible for child support and any medical expenses?

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Thanks for your question Alex. That is a tough situation, that all depends. A judge can order the parents to be responsible. If the boys parents are unwilling then you could possibly take them to court and sue them for half of all of the expenses. Your daughter would be partly responsible as well. Are the parents willing to help out?


by: Olivia

The parents?? Your daughter and that boy need to get a job and pay the support theirselves. Not the parents! They have work permits just for cases like this, and this is when they need to be used. If the parents of the boy don't agree to that then I would seek their help, and if they were unwilling then yes you should get the courts help! If the kids want to act like adults and do adult things then they should pay the piper.

I have a 18 year old daughter in college, a 13 and 15 year old teenage sone, and a one month old son. They have all been told to wait, and if they didn't there would be consequences. Too many teenagers are not being given the consequences for their actions. Consequences must be taken, and both families should work together to see its done.

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