Child support fraud in Douglas County Nebraska

by Jessica
(San Diego, CA)

He not only committed fraud, but has also abducted my child on several occasions & keeps my child from me. I am the non-custodial parent that has gotten no where in court when domestic violence was reported. My visitation rights have been frustrated & denied for 7.5 years & since 2008 & the final custody order was made behind my back, I have no visitation rights what so ever.

This situation has been so devastating to me & my family that I am literally traumatized by the situation. I do not have the funds to handle it with a lawyer, yet I am very emotionally upset about the whole thing that I am afraid I wouldn't be any good at representing myself. Legal aid wont help the non custodial parent.
AS for the child support fraud, July 30,2008 was the final custody hearing for my daughter. I had been living in the same location for 4 years & my ex claimed he couldn't locate me. (his lawyer sent me a really messed up stipulation they wanted me to sign during this time of residency..i have the stipulation still) I found out about the entire thing a few days before x-mas of 2008. I did not have an opportunity to show up at the hearing and fight for my rights.

My ex & daughter now reside in Illinois since Jan. 2008. & I have been on state assistance for a few years; the reported income for me to figure out child support amount is several hundred dollars over what I actually have for monthly income. So I am also being over billed. I can't get a payroll job right now because my wages are going to get garnished & I am not about to pay someone to keep my kid from me. In fact, If there is a way to erase the entire order that would be great because why should I have a financial obligation to something that I don't get a part of in the first place?
Please, my main concern here at the moment is this ridiculous child support order weighing over me. So if there is any advice on what procedure I can take, please please tell me? the child support department doesn't seem to care about child support fraud.

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