Child Support For Child In UK Father Lives In United States

by Jessica

I and my 13 year old son live in the UK. My ex partner has lived in America in the state of Florida for 7 years. He rarely pays maintenance. Over the last 2 years he owes £1800 sterling. The Child Support Agency in the UK cannot recover the monies owed as they do not have jurisdiction as he is self employed in the US. He married a lady that had citizenship and is going through a divorce. I have provided for my son all these years but now my ex partner is threatening to abduct my son - the one he does not pay for! I have taken steps to try and prevent this. Now I am told he has applied for Citizenship for himself and my son. My son does not wish to move to the US. It is all very messy. I want to know what the basis is for child support in the US. In the UK it is 15% of the net wages. Of course he is not going to openly disclose his net income to me and so I need to know the steps I can take to get some kind of funds for my son. How does child support work in the US?

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Child Support In America
by: Child Support America Team Member


Thanks for your post. In the United States, a non-custodial parent can be garnished up to 65% of his or her wages. Unfortunately you will have to consult with an attorney in the UK for direction on how to collect international child support here in the USA.

Thanks for your post and contact us anytime via this thread.


Greedy Feminazi
by: Anonymous

Why didn't you use protection rather than get pregnant? Did he have the right to tell you to get rid of the child? Now you have your hand out asking for as much money from him as you can get. You Feminazis have this percentage scam going as if the more a father makes the more his child costs.

A kid costs no more than a $100 a week and according to unemployment and welfare systems here in the US only cost $25 a week according to the very same government. Your child is 13 and can decide on his own which parent he wants to be with.

If the father goes to the UK he's have to have a passport for your son to get him to America and would it would be correctly considered kidnapping. Be thankful you got what you got in our extremely prejudice against men court system. Greed.

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