Child Support For Child In College

by Thomas
(Barrow, Alaska)

My daughter is 18 but in college I got one order saying child support was finished then another saying I had to pay until she reached the age of 22 I thought it was supposed to be 21? Also, does it matter if she is in college full time or part-time. Also she no longer lives with her mother and payments go to her mother. Will I still have to pay child support under this circumstance and if so, I do not want the money to go to my ex-wife it should go directly to my daughter. Please let me know your opinions and what I need to do.


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collage girl
by: Anonymous

yes, you get to pay as long as she is in collage.... just be happy it's not med school. You need to go to court to have the payments switched to your girl.

by: Anonymous

You can send a formal request to the agency you make payments to in order for the payments to go directly to your child. In regard to half or full is different for each state...for example, in Missouri has to be either 12 credits per semester, or 9 if also working at least 15 hours a week and have to not be failing half of their courses for each semester...there may also be a clause in your state where u can request transcripts and she has 30 days to comply or the order for support can be terminated as well as terminated if she isnt meeting the correct amount of credits per semester and or combined with work hours...hope this helps

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