Child Support for Child Abroad

In 2006 my ex husband and the father of my daughter left me while we were living in Kuwait. We had been living there for some years. I waited for him to 'come back' for about 2 years, or divorce me, but he did neither and I decided to stay with my Grandmother in WI (with my daughter, of course) in order to establish residency (I am american, but didn't have a state residency) and get a divorce.

It took about 10 months and the divorce was finalized in August 2009. Against my lawyer's wishes I agreed to an $800 per month child support payment. He wanted me to have what I was owed by law (about $2000, I believe), but my ex husband was angry and said that he would 'not sign' for that amount. He said at the time that $800 was all he was willing to pay. I have sole and primary custody. My ex husband didn't want any set visitation so none is noted.

Once my divorce was finalized I moved back overseas because that is where my jobs are (I am an ESL teacher). I believe my ex husband has made possibly 5 payments in total, but never the full amount. I brought it up to him a few times, via email, some time ago but he became mean and threatening so I backed off. I have been led to believe that if the mother is overseas then it is near impossible for any child support order to be enforced. Is that true?

I have looked into filing a case in WI but to phone back and forth is too expensive for me and I am not able to access a webpage or find an email address to ask simple questions. Hiring a specialized attorney is too expensive, I would imagine.

My ex husband remarried, is a home owner, financially successful, and holds a high security clearance, and lives in CO. I believe he is simply making a choice. He is rarely in contact with my daughter; she is 16 now. I guess time has made me less scared of his reaction. He was never violent with me, however. I have since remarried and we live in France. Thank goodness education and medical care are virtually free here!!

Have you ever heard of cases abroad?

Thank you for your time and I look forward to your opinion.

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