Child Support For A Son In The Philippines

by Bernadette

My husband is working now in New Jersey, USA and has been having an affair with another woman. They are now living together and I was told that the woman is pregnant.

My child and I are living in the Philippines and my husband is still a Filipino citizen. When he admitted to the affair and decided he wanted to stay with her, we had a verbal agreement that he will continue supporting us by sending at least $500 to $1000 a month (the amount was stated by him).

We have no written or legal papers for this for he has not yet come back to the Philippines. But now, his woman wants him to stop supporting my son on the account that they will have a baby of their own and will have to start saving.

What is the best step that I have to do with this issue? Can I get a lawyer here in the Philippines to write up something legal for his child support and can I sue him if he does not follow? More, can I even ask for support? We are legally married here and he has his name written in my child's birth certificate. I would want him to continue child support until my daughter reaches legal age. Is that possible?

Thank you.

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